Inika Vegan Angle Brush


This brush helps you create a sleek and sharp finish every time - perfect to use for eyeliner application and brow shaping. Vegan & eco-friendly. 100% synthetic materials and wood from sustainable forestry.


  • For eyeshadow application - dip the Angle Brush into your eyeshadow and press onto the eyelid and the crease.
  • For eyeliner application - dip the Angle Brush into slightly wet eyeshadow (dispense a small amount of eyeshadow into the pot lid and add a drop or two of water) and use as a liquid eyeliner.
  • Apply over eyeliners for an iridescent colour and to create a dramatic effect.
  • For eyebrow application - Dip the Angle Brush into a matte eyeshadow, fill in any gaps and shape your brow. Gently brush the shadow in with your Brow and Lash Comb. Creates a soft, natural appearance.

To protect all your brushes, cleanse regularly using a chemical free shampoo. Lather and rinse until the water runs clear and leave to dry naturally overnight.

All brushes are made from the softest synthetic fibers and the wood is sourced through sustainable forestry, making this a 100% Vegan and completely ethical product.

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