tinderbox essential oil myrrh 15ml


Commiphora myrrha

Highly prized in ancient times, myrrh was once worth more than its weight in gold. Known primarily for its use in spiritual ritual, the resin and its oil have been widely valued throughout history by ancient Egyptians, Chinese, Romans and Greeks as a significant medicine. Improves movement in limbs and joints; treats mature, dry, cracked skin admirably. Loves the mouth and teeth. Clears breathing passages – opening up the breath protects us from unwanted invasion, threatening our health.

Aroma: Base Note.

Perfume: Warm, sweet, resinous and earthy.

Blends well with: benzoin, frankincense, lavender, cypress, lemon, sandalwood and clove.

Part of plant used: resin

Type of extraction: steam distilled

Origin of Raw Material: Somalia, Country of Manufacture: France

Precautions: Avoid during pregnancy.

Packaging: recyclable blue glass bottle

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