tinderbox essential oil honey myrtle 15ml


Melaleuca teretifolia

Think of the warm, rich aroma of a hot, honey lemon drink on a cold winter’s day; complete with joyful citrus notes, sweet honey tones and spicy depths that are almost like the bush fragrance of a comforting log fire – and you have honey myrtle, a native tree grown and processed in Australia. Calms and restores the body and mind in massage - very protective to diffuse for well-being.

Aroma: Middle note

Perfume: A sweet, lemon-like personality that is warm and friendly. Fresh and lively citrus character that is beautifully rounded with a herbaceous twist and unusual spicy depths that leaves no sharp edges.

Blends well with: vetivert, geranium, myrrh, cedarwood, juniper.

Part of plant used: leaves

Type of extraction: steam distilled

Grown and manufactured in: Australia


Precautions: Use diluted on the skin. Use sparingly during pregnancy

Packaging: recyclable blue glass bottle

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