tinderbox body lotion chamomile and linden 150ml


Nutritious and restorative

Botanical beautifier that respects live human skin

A botanical body lotion so luxurious and nutritious, it restores the skin's natural moisture balance, repairing dryness and rendering your skin soft and comfortable. Enriched with anti-oxidant plant extracts with regenerative properties to minimise damage from poor diet, stress and other environmental burdens that precipitate the ageing process. The selected skin-loving, pure essential oils work synergistically; enlivening the body and elevating your mood, while providing a gentle, non-invasive scent. Available in 50mL and 150mL sizes.
Ingredients: purified water, organic cacao butter, kendi oil, organic jojoba oil, olive oil derived emulsifier, resveratrol, organic herbal extracts (chamomile, linden blossom, rooibos, olive leaf, aloe vera), olive derived stabiliser, vitamin E (plant based), botanical preservative (essential oil derived), pure essential oils/absolutes (bitter orange, geranium, patchouli, vetivert, rose, orange, carrot seed, lime), sclerotium gum, maltodextrin. Packaging: 100% recyclable PP (5) eco pump.

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