Resonate Essences - Soul Healing Oil 25ml

Healing Soul Wounds carried through space, time & dimensions… flowing acceptance, forgiveness, peace & compassion …I now embody the wisdom to be truly free!


Use this Oil Blend to activate the awareness of the lessons & learnings from the experience that your Soul needs to integrate to be ready, willing & able to release the mark of this wound held within you. Choose this when you are aware that an old event in this lifetime (or that you remember & carry with you from an even earlier time on a Soul level) is still holding energy & creating patterns that bring the wound & the mental, emotional & physical memories of that to trigger over & over again. When you are ready to forgive, accept & learn from the experience... it’s time to use the whole bottle of the Soul Healing Oil morning & night... and to completely let it go, setting yourself free!

Rose, Cardamon & sweet spices...heart opening & nurturing.

Camellia olefeira (Camellia) flower oil, with Rosa centifolia (Rose) flower oil, Boswellia serrata (Frankincense) resin, Elettaria cardamon (Cardamon) seed oil, Myrtus communist (Myrtle) flower oil, Commiphora myrrha (Myrrh) resin, Cedrus deodara (Cedarwood) bark extract 

Place 7 drops on inner wrist, as you connect with love from your heart repeating the affirmation. 

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