Bliss Elixir Astragalus Powder 30g


30g  |  approximately 20 serves

Astragalus is a powerful adaptogenic herb with a remarkable ability to balance and boost immune function. It contains compounds which reduce the amount of nitric oxide released from cells, reducing inflammation and activating other genes and pathways which in turn activate different immune cells.

It also contains compounds which can slow down the aging process right where it happens, inside the cells, where the blueprint of our cells resides. Astragalus helps activate an enzyme called telomerase (hTERT) which acts to maintain, lengthen or stimulate the production of telomeres, which in turn extends the lifespan of your DNA. As you age, your telomeres shorten due to wear and tear, which gives your cells an expiration date. Kind of like the little plastic or metal bits on the end of a shoelace, Astragalus serves to protect your DNA because it activates telomerase which keeps telomeres from fraying or damaging.

It also aids adrenal gland function and various studies have shown that astragalus root can help protect heart health, alleviate allergies, reduce sleep issues, help to prevent certain types of cancer, boost energy levels, lower stress, and help prevent chronic illnesses.


Our single herbs can be added to any hot or cold drink, teas, smoothies, and raw desserts. However they are best enjoyed whisked into warm, organic milk or plant milk.



certified organic astragalus (astragalus membranaceous) powder. 

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