Aloe Vera Of Australia

Since 1977. 
Aloe Vera of Australia use only fresh Aloe leaves grown in the pristine countryside of Australia. The Plants are a renewable source, not harvested only the outer leaves are removed as the plant continues to grow. Their method of “hand filleting” the leaves, allows them to maintain the maximum biological activity and effectiveness from the aloe leaf.
Aloe Vera used in their products has never been frozen, freeze-dried, or reconstituted from powder.
They hand fillet and finely filter the extract, testing each batch for quality and purity
An independent accredited analytical laboratory is used to ensure that the product is sterile stable and meets the purification and processing regulations. Alloin is removed, during the filleting process, giving the juice maximum efficacy and a smoother more palatable flavour whilst keeping maximum nutrients intact
100% owned grown manufactured & bottled in Australia.