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Over the course of our lives, we are inevitably exposed to a myriad of toxins. Heavy metals, microplastics, pharmaceuticals, glyphosate, parabens, PFA's, formaldehyde.. the list goes on. 

While drinking pure water, eating clean organic food and using chemical free skincare and personal care will limit your exposure, it's virtually impossible to escape unscathed while living in the modern world.
Though our body is cleverly designed to neutralise and excrete a certain amount of toxic substance, the types and quantities we're exposed to are so unnatural, they inevitably cause overload and disrupt the bodies natural functions.
This can manifest in many ways - gut issues, skin eruptions, mood disorders, hormone imbalance & infertility, weight gain, auto immune conditions, behavioural and learning difficulties in children.. you name it, there is probably some degree of toxicity underlying it.
Detoxifying incorrectly can result in worsening of symptoms, mobilising latent toxins or even increased toxicity.

Our meticulously crafted program prioritises efficient elimination while minimising side effects. It begins by stimulating the body's phase II detoxification, followed by ensuring the presence of substances that bind to toxins, facilitating their neutralisation and efficient removal from the body.
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“Detoxing your mind and body does wonders. It is a natural reset button.”

― Robin S. Baker