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Supplements - what works, what doesn't and why

Supplements - what works, what doesn't and why

"Optimum nutrition is the medicine of tomorrow." Dr Linus Pauling

Not all supplements are created equal. You may find a "multivitamin" on your supermarket shelf, but the reality is it can potentially do more harm than good, and it probably doesn't have sufficient quantities or bioavailable forms of vitamins and minerals to support your well-being. 

Professional consultations provide clarity

This is why it's so important to consult with someone who has chosen this as their field of expertise before choosing your supplements.

While there are a few basics everyone can benefit from, the formulation, cofactors, excipients, forms of nutrients, dosage and overall quality control are of the utmost importance. In theory, we agree with the whole food supplement approach, however, the dosages compared to bio-identical supplements are not nearly high enough to meet therapeutic requirements.

In an ideal world, we would receive all the nutrients we need from our diet, however, hundreds of years of improper agricultural practices have left our soils chronically depleted of essential microbes, minerals and other nutrients, our food travels further than ever before to reach us, losing vital nutrients and prana along the way. Our stress levels are through the roof, our physiology is exposed daily to unimaginable levels of chemicals and other pollutants and our digestion is compromised.

Then there is the difference between a clinical deficiency, adequate nutrition and optimal nutrition. Good nutrition begins with your food, but no matter how well we think we're eating there are always gaps in our diet so raising the bar from good nutrition to optimum nutrition is where the right supplementation comes in.

Supplementation with quality, practitioner products, can improve health, vitality and quality of life dramatically. We see it every day.

Book your fully redeemable 10-minute phone consultation here. We have highly qualified herbalists, naturopaths and other holistic health practitioners specialising in general health maintenance, fatigue, stress management, insomnia and disordered sleep, autoimmune conditions, digestive health, toxicity and inflammation, skin conditions, hormones and endocrine, cardiovascular health, weight loss and metabolism, infant and children's health, depression, anxiety and mood and mind health.