natural beauty - truly pure skin care

May 27, 2021

natural beauty - truly pure skin care

"You should never put anything on your skin you wouldn't eat."

Words of truth from Vanessa Megan, who's products have graced our shelves for over 10 years, starting with her very first legendary aroma spray.

With the "natural beauty" industry booming, there is no shortage of brands claiming to be organic, eco or "natural". Unfortunately for the vast majority these words are nothing more than a marketing tool, they've jumped on the bandwagon with a complete disregard for what they actually truly mean.

For 20 years we have been screening products to ensure they are absolutely safe and pure. When we began there were barely enough brands to fill the shelves, now every other range makes these claims but not all live up to them.

To begin with, it's worth noting that a range can be certified organic and still contain harmful chemicals. Your skin "eats" what you put on it in much the same way you digest food. It is our largest organ and plays a pivotal role in detoxification. So what we screen for is purity, ensuring nothing is being absorbed into your body that does anything but elevate you're wellbeing. Sadly, many products contain carcinogens, hormone disruptors and other harmful ingredients that people simply aren't aware of. 

EWG (environmental working group) is a wonderful resource that has collated information on most substances you will find added to skincare, personal care and household products and gives ratings and research so that you can educate and empower yourself to know what's going into your body (yes, all these things enter our bodies too, toxic VOCs from laundry detergent, endocrine disrupting BPA from plastics etc.., in fact it takes just 26 seconds for the chemicals in personal care products to enter the bloodstream). Or, if you're shopping with us, you can be sure we've done the legwork for you and that whatever we are stocking has been thoroughly screened to ensure only the purest ingredients.

Environmental medicine is a foundational element to holistic wellness, you can do everything else "right" and if your skincare, personal care and household products (and food, supplements, herbs and water) aren't clean it's an incomplete approach whereby you are forgoing optimum health.

Here's a few of our favourite truly chemical free skincare ranges;

I LOVE SKIN - created by Danielle Berends, Naturopath and former Natural Progression practitioner, she began by creating a scar oil as there was nothing on the market that contained all of the therapeutic ingredients she wanted without any chemicals. Hyaluronic acid serum and face oils soon followed. This simple range is organic, effective and affordable.

EVOHE - handmade by Meg Forrester in QLD, Evohe products are completely pure, amazingly healing and restorative for any skin issues, smell absolutely beautiful and contain Bach flower essences adding a whole new dimension to your selfcare and beauty routines. If you haven't already been introduced to their repair intensive cream, or omega 3 6 9 face oil you can thank us later. View the full range here.

Also don't forget to check out VANESSA MEGAN's award winning range, as well as DR HAUSCHKA (will breathe life back into tired, stressed skin), TINDERBOX (their perfumes & sprays are divine), ROHR REMEDY using native Australian botanicals & the luscious EDIBLE BEAUTY.






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