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herbal pharmacy - the rebirth of botanical medicine

herbal pharmacy - the rebirth of botanical medicine

“There is no evolution without coevolution. Medicinal plants have emerged over the eons in a coevolutionary dance with humanity." - Ric Scalzo

"For every human illness, somewhere in the world there exists a plant which is the cure." - Rudolf Steiner

It only takes a brief trip back through history to recognize plants as our original medicine.

While the advent of modern medicine brought with it some giant leaps in our understanding of human biology and the ability to treat in particular acute dis-ease and symptoms, it sadly also heralded the forgetting of ancient healing knowledge and the rise of the commodification of human health.

Fast forward to today and we see a global remembering of our roots, an understanding that the origin of almost all pharmaceuticals is traditional medicinal herbs and a deep desire to reconnect to the healing power of nature in all it's forms.

We do work with standardised herbs, as it's sometimes necessary to be able to give an exact dose of an active constituent, especially when working in tandem with modern medicine. However all of our medicines still contain the whole plant, and therefore all of the synergistic cofactors provided by nature.

From basic healthcare maintenance, to more serious and complex health conditions, every day we see remarkable results from herbal medicine.

The most common is to keep our immune system naturally working at an optimum level, but also a whole array of specific health issues, such as sleep, stress support, hormonal balance, digestion and detoxification can be helped in life-changing ways with the correct single herb or formula for the individual.

For over 20 years we have formulated and refined a collection of liquid herbal blends which can be found here. Upon ordering you will receive a complementary mini consultation from one of our experienced practitioners to confirm this is the best remedy for you.